Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where the Wild THINGs RAWR!

I'm watching this movie based on a book i read maybe twenty-some years ago. There was something in that story, and in the illustrations. It was profound inspiration for the first story I ever wrote. It's really interesting to experience the story again, in such a form of translation. It echos experiences I'm learning in the Acts of Translation class. It echos all the small things I allow to get in my way. This class is definately stretching my potential. In ways I didn't see previously. I am considering so much more carefully human relationships and their affect on me and mine on them. I am so much less careless of a heart. It makes Jacob's ignorrance seem insignifigance to mine. I saw from the beginning the exact things that took us apart.
I look at stories like these and remember my pregnancy with Travis. I was utterly convinced Love was enough to raise a child. I am well aware that children require proper education, proper nourishment, proper inspiration, proper hygiene, etc. Love is definately required, but what if a child over active imagination and like my over active imagination it hinders him from properly developing into a functional and productive adult!!!!!!!!!
Well those are definately some very real fears in life. All I can hope at this point is that my development into a properly functioning adult can be at its full capacity. All I can hope is to make the most of this grab bag full of skills and talents to call myself. And then I think about all my adventures in baby sitting and how kids have like a billion times more energy than even I, hardly an adult! And holy shit give a kid an imagination and with it's energy you'd be lucky to keep it coming home every day.

Any way.. more reasons to wait to procreate till half the planet is destroyed through apocalyptic tragedies.

And Vogue Italia OCT 2009
Is one of my favorite inspirations of the year!

I want the shoes on the right

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