Sunday, November 29, 2009

i JUST had my mind torn apart

Fucking Shit! This month really needs to be over
When people are really passionate about things they emit this intense amount of love. It's pure energy you can feel warping around you when you're near them. And then when they focus that intense passion and energy to you, it's something greater than even love can describe.
I don't think I've felt this kind of loving passion since I met travis... and before that Corey... and to feel it now, at this point in my life.. I didn't think was possible. After you try so many times, people can become desensitized to such passion. I felt like I could have been drifting to this dark side of pretending not to feel just so I won't feel so much.
So I feel I risked a lot last night. Certain emotional inhibitions were ignorred inspite of the fleetingness of his presence around me. Who knows how long or when or how this would last. I'd like to leave it at this so that I can keep this momentary bliss in the forefront and anything emotionally scarring far in the distance. Leave tomorrow so I can go on and continue to wonder. You wrapped me in something so comfortable I can hardly stand to ignore the influence in my life from you, already, so soon, so simple.

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