Tuesday, April 28, 2009

we really could save the planet

we are all egotists though. putting on some sort of exhibition. well no one is buying it. this show is no longer profitable business. where is the artist's bailout? you should read steven klein's artist statement.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

LOVE LOVE and love and L.O.V.E.

I made egyptian eyes tonight on my face, but by the end of the night, its all over :)... 
Its like you make me crazy! some one told me they would be into me, except for the fact that a friend told them I was psycho. I told that person his friend was right. I think I djed my last night at Quality Burrito tonight. I'm not too well into that kinda stuffy crowd. I want people to disco to my beats. I did get a lot of compliments though. It makes my heart sink everytime I see some one isolate their ribcage to something I'm playing for them. Oh I wish to exceed all their expectations. The truth is I'm only now starting to worry about if death will be too late

Friday, April 17, 2009

the rainy day after easter sunday, after another encounter with katsu the infamous

i am driving listening to the duke spirit. but i am someplace else. tonight i am unexpectedly and contently connected cerebrally, equinoxilly, to things around me. i model for Surya and her tarot deck set. I am the star, I hope the pictures prove fitting. I drive everyone down town. Chasse is passed out, a bottle of rum we are thicker.  See, Surya is going to the East Side but I will go to Jezebels where I can get drinks off my tab for having djed on wednesday night. Really all I want is a nice content corner to drink alone in, again. Instead Mike is there with a group of very not single college grad maybe drop out kids. I would feel almost attracted to this kind until one of them asks me to dj. I threw on about an hours worth reminiscent free nineties psychedelic loveness before i know its time for me to bail. I remember a previous arrangement with courtenay to meet up later to discuss her quarter project on dreams and astrology. at the time, the relevance of the dreams would not seem so grave. it was a prolonged experience. at the time of dreaming this dream, i knew its gravity. and for a while i could go on, ignoring its image. but with this contract i signed with courtenay. i assign all my dreams upon my recording towards her interpretation. I can't help but infer my own opinions. 
I talked to Cap' Prof Curtis yesterday about installations in brooklyn. The idea came to be quite insightful towards both of our resources and expertise. I could only hope troy the great kastu is around the town in time to see what I have in response to his influence into my atmosphere. If only he could capture the decay and growth of me into a film to title after himself. Of all I've studied of the love of beings, he intrigues an inspiration in me to explore the most. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

tonights the kinda night

i want to write about drifting out in space. where everything separates completely. gases become the visual aide to energy. instead my head is stuck in a cloud on a relative plain of humanity. even in meditation he echos interruptions to me. maybe im too far away to make sense to some one else.  djing tonight at jezebelz was quite an experience. i hesitated playing what i really wanted to play, just to please my audience. it was the only thing that felt right and natural to do, but i didn't like any of it.  now im at home half naked listening to greg smith (bar jesus) on a psychedelic love song mix called more sap than a maple. it was made for his friend's trip to korea and let me tell you, i feel blessed to be one to have come across it.  it definitely helps put me in that place of space and time. the lavender is overwhelming. especially in my life yesterday, if we're going to discuss the senses. track at twenty four minutes. is how i feel right now

Monday, April 13, 2009

drunk poetry

i love sitting in bars writing about people. but not while im at a bar with some one. mostly i like bars where i don't know any one, so i won't be distracted by wanting to talk to some one. nothing gets me hit on more than writing drunk poetry alone in a dark bar. living so close to a military base i've realized, nothing gets me hit on more by (ex)military people than writing drunk poetry alone in a dark bar. here's the poems i wrote on a slow saturday night at jezebels on 4th ave in olympia.

On Bukwoski and writing

If you want to sit and write
about people at a bar
I would recommend you first
read Bukowski, he's  written
all there is to be said on the subject.
Any characters to write about here
will simply be a reiteration
on his voice on the subject.
It's sort of like after reading
Bukowski, I had nothing more
to say that hadn't already
been said.
That is of course on the subject
of people at a bar.

Reminiscing Houston Summer

The summer heat pressed hard
wearing against my soul
for another day
This kind of heat was relentless
except in the face of a 
side walk sprinkler
The kind of sprinkler that pulled
our steps into a skip to sooner
our bodies into the shower.
The relief when riding your
bicycle in this kind of weather 
comes only when you perspire
The summer hurricane too
will bring winds to chill
your bones back to winter

On your addiction to Herion

Sitting alone on the stoop of your stairs
I can tell you just shot your dope
because now it is quieter inside

Later in the evening, after I was fully loaded (drunk) I wrote more poetry, I get sloppier and more sentimental. I don't know if either is good for habit's sake, but none the less here is the work:

pg 1

I question your point of view.
whether you believe to truly see
me as I see you.

And when you bow your head
up towards, to kiss the moon.
I am relentless with expressed bliss.

And when I turn my head
to kiss towards the moon.
the thousand deaths upon your
hand is the breath that deals.

like a sacrifice, to the top
of mt. rainier

pg 2

you, are a complete stranger to me
I have never, as I recall traveled to
You seemed to mention procreating as if
there would be no concern for my state of being.
And you fight me chivalrously over manifest

I wish that tonight I conceived myself to you.
because with that impurity, I could be
truly free.
With that manifestation, I could sacrifice
all to deny the same to you.

laura palmer series "he really lights my fire"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

heres a new simple edit

After three days of a ten day meditation course, I got indegestion to an insane degree, thought I was dying, and was sent home. I just signed back up again for the course in dallas texas. I hope to include this into my long texas trip. I mean we can only do so much in one month in texas, we might as well make it good.

Monday, April 6, 2009

the day i left vipassana day 3

track selection for free radio olympia ten pm till 12 midnight

no more long years (radio clit rmx) - frankie chan
tu connais les chanson - bitchee bitchee ya ya ya
melody - blonde redhead
lets make this a moment to remember - chromatics
bruises - chairlift
high school poem - the knife
swordfish hotkiss night - empire of the sun
the past between us rmx) - an experiment on a bird in an air pump
triceratops - health
pda - interpol
totem on the timeline - klaxons
come around (feat. timberland) - m.i.a.
graveyard girl - M83
pretty tall girls - poni hoax
three kings (ratatat rmx) - slim thug, t.i., bun b
forest of legs II  - redbear.
find my soul (holy fuck remix) - sally shapiro
star power - sonic youth
i believe - simian mobile disco
sunrise - yeasayer
the star looks even brighter (give me christmas time triobelisk rmx) - stina sterjn
minors at nite (still sick) - adult.