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im a felon :: i voted

here's a break down of how certain states have dealt with felons and reinstating their right to vote

check it out! a lot of felons are not aware that they can vote after completing their sentence! tell anyone you know who may be a felon to check this page out and see if they are eligible!!!!!! and don't forget to vote for OBAMA!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

disco dust

sundays are good days to sit around and listen to some good music
disco dust is full of it, in fact its a blog i aspire to be like. but of course i dont have that much ambition

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is going to be a lot... I think. I am searching my Lolita D.I.Y. area and I know I am going to find to many things. haha. Everything is so cute <3>Mini Top Hats

1. http://community. livejournal. com/egl/4918469. html

2. http://community. livejournal. com/egl/3885314. html

in number two she used this Pattern.
http://www. cynthiahoweminiatures. com/hatmaking1. htm

It might be easier to just buy a doll one. We will see prices.

Photos to Reference....

Jesus this is awesome
http://www. vertetsable. com/demos_ruffs. htm

DIY Bows, you can make them bigger
http://community. livejournal. com/egl/3326043. html

if you did a bow headdress you could make the flowers match the show clips. pale pastel yellow or teal green.

Show Clips This would be cute. You can make felt ones or color fake flowers like she did but math your pettie. Maybe yellow pale flowers.. that would go great with the teal color of your pettiecoat!

http://community. livejournal. com/egl/11324386. html

Making Rings and you can even use the Caulk on the top hat to make it look like icing!!!
we have to try this!

you can use http://babelfish. yahoo. com/ to translate the page links

http://community. livejournal. com/egl/11662025. html

Making Macarons, You can put these on rings or a necklace or pile them on a top hat!

http://community. livejournal. com/egl/11224061. html

http://community. livejournal. com/egl/11228487. html

I want a president that can bust a move

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wednesday deejayys VIZUAL NOIZE battle

wendesday vizual deejayyy

watch in order
then send me your battle
i will be posting your replies

something i read about

Back in October, 1995, Jim Hudnall posed a question in alt.lucky.w about raccoon penis bones. He said that Mick Jagger's partner Jeri Hall had mentioned in an interview that when she was growing up in Texas, boys gave raccoon penis bones to girls they liked as a form of love token or simple love spell. Jim said he had never heard of penis bones before and wondered if raccoons really had them.

I responded that Jeri Hall was right -- raccoons do have penis bones, although they are by no means the only species with such bones. (For instance, seals, walruses and whales have them too, and these large penis bones, called oosiks by the Inuit, are used for making sled dog harness parts.) The scientific name for these bones is os penis ("penis bone" in Latin") and among their many common names are "love bone," "pecker bone," "coon dong" "possum prick," Texas toothpick," "mountain man toothpick" and "baculum" (Latin for "little rod"). More to the point of Jim's query, though, i can testify from personal experience that raccoon penis bones were used as charms and curios among white farm boys and men of the Missouri Ozarks (in south-central Missouri, near the Arkansas line) during the 10 years i lived there in the 1970s-80s.

Soon after my then-partner Peter Yronwode and i moved to the Ozarks in 1972, we were told by a couple of local farmers that the proper way to prepare a pecker bone was to boil it clean and to tie a piece of red thread or string around it and give it to one's girlfriend to wear as a necklace.

Being non-hunting hippies, we made our charms from the penis bones of freshly road-killed male coons. (We picked up road-kills anyway because we ate the meat and tanned the furs and sold the mittens and purses we made therefrom.) I should also note that rather than dedicate these love bones to the furtherance of overpopulated HUMANITY, we placed them by our pond, where visiting RACCOONS would benefit from the resultant sexual potency and fertility among their own species.

Both Barry Carroll and Larry Schroeder of Austin, Texas, reported that the bones were sold there locally under the name "Texas toothpicks" and kindly donated samples.

Early in 1996, my co-worker Susie Bosselmann came into my office and saw my stuff and -- to my surprise, as she is a very "fussy" person who abhors bugs and spiders -- she said, "Ooh, lookie! You've got coon dongs!" She was pointing to the penis bones Larry and Barry had sent to me.

Susie is in her 60s and she grew up in Oklahoma, an area contiguous with Missouri and Texas. I had thought that the wearing of raccoon penis bones was limited to the Midwest, but she expanded my horizons when she said that she and her husband had recently been at a gun show in Kentucky and had seen "a beautiful coon dong necklace, with hundreds of 'em strung together, just like a Cherokee Indian ceremonial necklace." She would have bought it but it was too expensive, she said. I asked her why someone would make a coon dong necklace, and she said, "Well, what ELSE can ya do with 'em?"

Obviously, the use of raccoon penis bones as sex amulets or in love spells was not known to Susie, but just to be sure, i asked her if she'd ever heard them called love bones or heard of boys giving them to their girlfriends. She said, "No, we just made necklaces out of them."

In May, 1996, Michael Redman added something new on the subect: the use of the raccoon penis bone as a gambler's charm. Here's what he said:

Just got back from New Orleans for my umpteenth Jazz Fest visit & spent some extended time in the Voodoo Museum in the Quarter. As touristy as this place is, there were several exhibits of interest. Did notice a raccoon penis bone there marked "Lucky for gamblers."

Other readers have written in and added much lore -- about a gambling uncle in the South who wrapped his coon dong in a ten dollar bill before going out to play cards of an evening, a grandfather who wore a "possum prick" bone as a watch fob, a jeweler who caps the bones with sterling silver and sells them as necklace pendants, and a family which has owned a "mountain toothpick" for years. Scott Stauffer, a taxidermist in Michigan, writes, "I have had several requests for raccoon penis necklaces. Thinking this to be strange, I asked as to the reason one would want to wear such a thing. Up here the general consensus is that 'You're not cool unless you're hangin.' No red ribbons or gifts to girl friends; the guys wear them, mostly, it seems, for luck. A jeweler's clasp is glued to the straight end and it is worn on a length of gold chain. Although strange, they are strikingly handsome when boiled and pollished."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

for you

at one point i would swoon for you
spill my heart out in dedication for you
now i sew stitches where i am splitting
now my heart is breaking for you
picking up pieces and gluing together
like ceramic tiles i am a mosaic for you

Techni Colour Zoo

Quotable Animals - by Oh! Pony

these bite sized creatures can be found roaming the houston area. bringing Oh! Pony's colour charm to a street corner near you!


not quite.
really i drank a bunch of nyquil and drove to school because i couldn't sleep. i don't know what i am doing here. looking around at all of the people i feel on a whole other level. my face feels it's squished flat against a wall and drips down like excess paint. no thats the snot in my nose. i think this recent lapse in immunity is due to my recent excursions this weekend. all including, hopping a fence resulting in welted bruises on my thighs, eating lsd on a sweet tart, staying out till all odd hours of the night committing mischievous acts. yea lately ive behaved myself but this weekend was extravagent and with the mental stress i've been encurring i don't believe it was the best idea for myself. now i sip on the syzzurp and and and think about chop n screw

Saturday, October 18, 2008


FRO FRO A GO GO is saturday november first
the day after halloween
that's right dia de los muertos

The Pasties
Razz M'Tazz
A Million Years Ago
Thee Nextdoor Neighbors
King Mob

at the haunted Solid Gold House
419 Boulevard Road SE
Boulevard & Pacific in Oly

6pm on the freakin' dot.
$5-$10 sliding scale

freakouts, treats, dancing, beer, bands, candy, creepy stuff, ghost stories, free radio olympia

All Images taken in one night

Dual from Houston,TX hits the unurban streets of olympia
somebody's wreck, my play ground
give yourself unurban face tattoos
OFS Free Wall Narcoleptics Always Wonder

Friday, October 17, 2008

worst day ever continued

i went home from the hospital around two and got to bed around three. I woke up at 7:30 picked my grandmother up from the hospital. made her breakfast, went to take my math exam. I should have studied fractions better as well as a few other things. I probably made a D. Now I go pick up my grandma's script and then off to biology and piano. the worst day evar! seriously! at least there's usher's love in this club on the radio

at the hospital at one am

waiting for my grandma to feel better. its hard to explain the psychological neurosis i experience every time I enter this sterile environment. haunting memories flood my cranial membrane. needles and blood and blood and needles. and illigetimate excuses. and broken promises. and a glimmer of hope in ever corner paired opposite the grim reaper. i do not explain the conflict i feel on these grounds that heaven and earth wage wars. 

paul said i used my psychic powers this week. we were thinking about his house keys at the same time. i remember it about tuesday morning that i should return to him his house keys since i have been too busy to perform any of my previous services. i remember sending mike an instant message regarding this. paul today mentioned that he had the same feelings that morning and when he met mike in the office mike delivered my message verbally. but he clearly stated he had the premonition before the verbal message. meaning i used my psychic abilities and the verbal message was quite unneccassary. paul is also trying to give me his beta fish. its quite a beautiful creature. maroon. delicate satiny fabric of fins to swim with. i feel like i would not give him a good home. but i long for companionship and he's offered him openly. i think i should accept this new friend into my life. 

i want to go home tonight to some one to cuddle with. some one who's arms will hold me to rest in. and then i can be at peace.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

sticker factory

order your stickers today by contacting me
or through

also visit Glitch N Growl on deviant art

if i were in NY this is what i'd be doing

is the title​ of this proje​ct based​ on a lyric​ by the band Legen​ds.​

in a stora​ge conta​iner behin​d the new museu​m (​cryst​ie btw stant​on/​ rivin​gton)​ i will be creat​ing a kind of isola​tion tank where​by elimi​natin​g certa​in sense​s,​ other​s thriv​e.​ for 3 days peopl​e will enter​ into a dark space​,​ lay down on the floor​,​ the doors​ will shut and they will hear a live perfo​rmanc​e of spont​aneou​s music​ aroun​d them for 15 or 30 minut​e durat​ions in total​ darkn​ess.​ the music​ians will be varie​d and in some circu​mstan​ces they'​ll be stran​gers,​ so the music​ will be creat​ed witho​ut any visua​l refer​ences​ and hopef​ully enhan​ced freed​om.​ upon leavi​ng the space​,​ parti​cipan​ts will recei​ve hand paint​ed aura drawi​ngs,​ sugge​sting​ that their​ spiri​t had been modif​ied by the exper​ience​.​

OCTOB​ER 17-​19,​ 2008

pleas​e conta​ct maya hayuk​ to sched​ule your parti​cipat​ion as a music​ maker​,​ or just stop by. there​ will total​ly be stuff​ to play with,​ and we can alway​s use more.​

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


dinner tonight

brown sugar acorn squash with sausage
key lime pie

super excited.

maybe we'll choke on it, maybe we'll just be friends

i splurged on a pair of shoes. i paid over a hundred dollars for a pair of wrap up boots by toms. i normally only buy used shoes for cheap cheap. so the first night i was wearing them, i puked all over them. irony? maybe.

im laying on one of my leopard print velvet pillows.  my feet are tucked under my bunny jacket. i'd like to say something to PETA and vegans who think fur is murder. this jacket is the best jacket in my life. yeah the stitching has come undone in the pockets and yeah its not good to wear in the rain. but i didnt kill the bunnies. i didnt pay for the bunnies to die. it was a gift and i felt obliged to accept. when some one buys you a five hundred dollar jacket out of love, your morals may sway. justification. indians wore fur. i feel very natural in it. and spiritually i am offering those bunnies a certified good home. i know those bunnies are doing their best keeping me warm and i am eternally grateful. in return, they know their life was not fleeting and was appreciated and that spiritually i respect and give thanks to them. spiritually i consider it a mutual agreement. 

i know things so nice don't come into my life by accident. its because of hard work, either by me or the people around me. i hope to assume that the people around me all have the best of intentions, and i've often learned the awfully hard way, that very few people actually do. but maybe its because i see too much in people, not just in front of me, but their full potential too. i think i focus too much on people's potential and often they don't focus and fall short. it's their choice to live to their potential. i have my own to worry about. 

maybe that was my soul i sold a while ago

Monday, October 13, 2008

history, sympathy, idealism, consistancy, social commentary

do you really know me. i assure you, all you know is a half truth lie. i take whats easy to my spirituality. meaning you should never trust me. integrity, continuity, all of these are facade. when i eat, i think of nothing. i wish to digest the most minimal substances of quality. and alone to my own devices i cannot .... intelligible tangibility, i wish to give you up. you know i dont know enough for my own species
history: the most significant and consistent album of my adolescence was radio head's - kid a. it was the first album i listened to with such indie extremes and traditional composition. it was the first outside box i was obsessed with. i still remember seth, desiree's friend who burned that cd for me. he didnt even know. 
history 2: freaks. annie of matt and annie was the first to rave about this feature film. this evening at the le voyeur.  oh the social commentary necessary for comprehension. and how the 1930's directors were so precise with their ability to maintain our function of humanity and show us our deepest darkest humiliations and irregularities. and people thought the wizard of oz was good for economic commentary

everything i feel is broken and i would rather split it apart then cast it back together again. but you make me feel like i have no control over their give or say. and when they take me apart, i will be so strewn about, they know not the order to put me together again. the best will be with the seams you sew me together again. pulling my flesh side to side. in satin ribbons you stretch to suit me. with out defiance my cells know better to not abide

Sunday, October 12, 2008

wish list

"Poverty Sucks" necklaces are available for purchase through the
"Necklace" section of www. leviticusjewelry. com for $20!

from the BWS

Supayana on etsy

also, a membership to

GNG on air

i walked into the station tonight and i was immediately brought back to corey's house in sugar land. the smell and familiar track playing. visual noize was on air. i think it was a pink floyd song. ill have to ask him to be sure. incense in the air were the most astonishing similarity. it was increadibly distinct. i was taken back at first. so much time has passed since i was in that place in my life.  i dont know what to make of it, or should i make anything at all? really, probably not. but i dont normally have such distinct reactions like that. it was like a complete hallucination of time orientation. all of a sudden i was sixteen again... i dont know if i liked it

here is part of the set list for the evening, the rest is a mystery... unless you were listening

Im a pimp - mike jones ft lil keke

random firl - late of the pier

cloverland - dj screw

rolling raj deep - dusk and balckdown

no more long years (radioclit edit) - matt and kim

plastic doll -  dharma

electric feel - MGMT

gang bang - MKF

get down ft baby - lil wayne chopped n screwed

diamonds - kanye west ratatat edit

self-obsessed and sexxee - sonic youth

2080 - yeasayer brenmar edit

baby said - hot chip robbwhy edit

is it medicine - the knife

art bitch - css

give up - young love

moon machine - jean marc jarre

dont curse - heavy d

suicidal thoughts - the notorious B.I.G.

whats a girl to do - christina

Saturday, October 11, 2008

the message is love

boondocks photobooth

Listenin to Jackie Wilson right now, dreamin of easy livin. I wish I smoked cigarettes some days. I would sit on my patio with a blanket and listen to JW through the screen door, inhaling sweet tobacco. Instead I sit on my bed where its warm and smoke some ganj. Same lifestyle, just different life.


angelo badalamenti

you're sitting naked on your bed. notes from lost highway drift around the room as if you're in the grand elevator of a hotel of marble and gold trimmings. you lift the mirror up to your face and when you see your own eyes looking back at you, you wink to your reflection to return the same. the brisk washington fall air is carried through your window, and your flesh rises and shakes with interest in the spirit carried with it. you balance the mirror in your left hand and bring the straw to your nose with your right. exhaling another measure of music drifts by. inhaling your eyelids swell closed. you heavily plop your head against the head board of the bed. the embellished gypsy shall draped on the head board is pulled down around your shoulders with your head sinking into it. like you're plunged into water backwards, you can feel water cradle your neck first. the drifting acid jazz brings you back to your room again, rather than allowing you to be completely submerged in your minds puddle. the girl in the chair exhales a sigh of disgust, the record needle picks itself up and she lights the cigarette. its base stained red from her lips. "I feel sickly alive tonight," she manages to escape from her mouth, her lips still clasping the cigarette. You look at her from the corner of your eye, one eyebrow raised and your lip lifts with the muscles in your face expressing the disgust she brings splits open your mind's landscape with her subtle voice.

Friday, October 10, 2008

never gonna give you up - barry white

Oh, baby
Oh, baby (Keep on)
Come on, baby (Keep on doin’ it, right on)
Mmm, mmm, mmm (Right on doin’ it)
You got it together (Baby, keep on)
Oh, you got it together, baby (Right on, keep on doin’ it)
Not yet, baby, oh, not yet
Mmm, mmm (My-my baby, keep on)
I swear you got it together, baby (Keep on, keep on)

Whatever, whatever
Girl, I’ll do
Forever and ever, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I’ll see you through

I’ve got to keep you pleased
In every way I can
Gonna give you all of me
As much as you can stand

Make love to you right now
That’s all I want to do
I know you need it, girl
And you know I need it, too

‘Cause I found
What the world is searching for
Here, right here, my dear
I don’t have to look no more

And, oh, my babe
I hoped and I prayed
For someone just like you
To make me feel the way you do

Never, never gonna give you up
I’m never, ever gonna stop
Not the way I feel about you
Girl, I just can’t live without you

I’m never, ever gonna quit
‘Cause quittin’ just ain’t my stick
I’m gonna stay right here with you
Do all the things you want me to

Whatever you want
Girl, you got
And whatever you need
I don’t want to see you without it

You’ve given me much more
Than words could ever say
And oh, my dear, I’ll be right here
Until my dyin’ day

I don’t know just how to say
All the things I feel
I just know that I love you so
And it gives me such a thrill

‘Cause I found
What this world is searching for
Here, right here, my dear
I don’t have to look no more

And all of my days
I hoped and I prayed
For someone just like you
To make me feel the way you do

I’m never, never gonna give you up
I’m never, ever gonna stop
Stop the way I feel about you
Girl, I just can’t live without you

I’m never, ever gonna quit
‘Cause quittin’ just ain’t my stick
I’m gonna stay right here with you
Do all the things you want me to

Oh, I’m never gonna give you up
I’m never, ever gonna stop
All the things I feel about you
Girl, I just can’t live without you

I’m never, ever gonna quit
‘Cause quittin’ just ain’t my stick
I’m gonna stay right here with you
Do all the things you want me to

Thursday, October 9, 2008