Sunday, May 31, 2009

HOuston we have LANDING!

Oh Houston! Oh my! tonight i saw the Juan Maclean do a live set! I danced hard! I have pictures from every event besides that. I feel the best memories I have to keep secret for myself! I really wanted to say Hi to Nancy Wong, but you know she wasn't around at the time. I told Jon about how I came to want to feel apart of something and when I'm here I realize I'm more alone than ever. I'm a part of something some where else. It makes my heart break just a little and the shatters shimmer across my chest like light striking broken mirrors. 
the theme song of this event is "shiny skinned friend" by the juan maclean!
so the porn pictures are on the flickr and everything else are in myspace or facebook! you will find illicit acts!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

to something out there, not here

i want you to run really fast in front of me
pulling me along my hand in your hand
the wind rushing past the two of us
your weight pulling me further along
the motivation that carries me

Friday, May 15, 2009

to andrew peru..... ooops

oh, i didn't ever expect myself to your showing up. 
in fact i had almostly completely reserved myself 
to wholely believing you had left and gone away. 
but then again, there you are, and all of my expectations 
are succeeded and all of my limitations are broken. 
content. is the only way to express the peace of warp speed. 
the ignorrant bliss of death. and the poison of 
his seemingly perfect kiss. 
there, you break all bounds
i constantly test the ones i am with. and in that, only
the ones who accept the challenge to be the judge
are the ones to reign in my regards highly.
to kiss and touch them in an way of experience,
lacks every concern in way of experiencing you.
you are the new gold standard i give value
sure i could throw myself at cheap and easy credit
but the struggle and the persuit gives worth

once again, to my public. i am a horrible poet and even more so, a horrible person.  

and the college to go with this is coming shortly!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

took me forever

as long awaited and long promised... here is a set of mine recorded live on free radio olympia! 98.5 fm  check it! pass it on to your friends!!! download frequently and often!
love glitch and growl

Saturday, May 9, 2009

while other people sleep at night

i am cursed to lie awake and experience the pain of it all. and the day light hours slip away like petals on a wilting rose. sometimes people will longingly pluck away certain petals to make the time seem less idle, yet still it peals me apart. i feel like i can destroy every relationship around me, and not in the same way of burning the bridges to my island. i call the dearest people to me! i go through the black book based on levels of sanity and clarity and motivations. and even the ones i feel hold truest to my ways.. leave me be, alone. i cry at night to keep myself from eating and i eat at night to keep myself from crying and niether is beneficial to my health.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

clarence carter - i'm qualified

Oh man! If only I could find this song for free online and then I could post it's genius to you!!! Oh my! I'm posting from jezebelz thursday nights! blehhh! totally bored! and a space cadet today! it's a like whoa! moment!

sewed a dress shirt up yesterday! it's basically super dope now! getting great new ideas for brand new edits every day! will post pictures soon!
check out the TNG work asap! Brooke and I are making plans to overload your brains once we come in contact with each otehr again! It will be like never before

Saturday, May 2, 2009

about nude photography and all night ragers

I swear, no one does it like Houston. The dingy dirty warehouses, the party train actually going some where. I slept in the car tonight because I locked my keys in the house?? I didn't really sleep. I kinda stressed over it a little bit and then meditated over it and then used my ipod touch and the wifi inside my house to some how contact for help. Of course, I'm the only one online at 6:40 in the morning. About ten minutes ago I gave up and rang the doorbell to wake some one up inside.  Let me tell ya, it was a longgg night.  Sort of..
See, I haven't been going to bed till about this time of the day any way. But usually I'm just busying myself at home, alone to all hours of the night. I woke up at about two pm yesterday by my Grandma feeling the itch for a road trip. We drove up the Hood Canal to Port Townsend to wait almot 2.5 hours for a ferry. From there we drove to the Skagit Valley to see fields and fields of plowed tulip dirt. See the Tulip festival had ended earlier that week and the farmers with haste prepared for the next crop. On the way back we took I5 and got stuck in Seattle construction traffic around 11pm. Didn't make it home to Olympia till close to 12:30. What does my dumb ass do? I think it's reasonable to my friend Jacob's Mayday party shindig, leaving, of course, my keys at home on my bed.