Friday, February 13, 2009

i get frustrated

with my situation in life.. all too often. i try to think of all the different ways i can run away from it. i want to be carefree enough to feel safe to go on the road. i want to be that person who can choose from their treasured belongings and take with them only the necessities and never look back. never be a problem for any one again

Thursday, February 12, 2009

fur coat and yves st laurent

my recent sets

ughhkk im behind on a bunch of things.. djing the quality burrito tonight here's what i played the last two weeks on free radio olympia

jan 31 2009
dolla sign - stush
beeper remix - the cool kids
inside lookin out ( jerzey) - trimski
getchya hands up - esg and slim thug
cloverland (dj screwed up) - botany boys
the rockit - gorillaz
valient - look daggers
underground - necro
microphone murderer - notorious BIG
crimson and clover - prince
$20 - MIA
Wachadoin? - NASA ft MIA
Face 2 Face - B.B. Manik
I - altrbeat
crunked up - benga
concrete streets - dusk and black down
mind playin tricks on me - geto boys
tha freestyle kind award - lil flip
i got flow - lil flip
la desciple - eligh and magi presents the brother's grime
cds and lps - fat pat
the plannit - three meloncholy gypsys
drive slow - GLC Kany West and Paul Wall
three kings - slim thug, t.i., & bun b (ratatat rmx)
track 11 - pickture one
boys love girls - kano
celebrate - skepta scratchy jet le flowdan
gash ft lady clam - son of vader
i luv you - dizee rascal
bounce and turn - dj screw
rules and regulations - roll deep
pussy monster - lil wayne
arpegiateur - leon - jean marie
timbs- leif

feb 7 2009
caddu baycat - bamba j fall
FYUZ - Add N to (X)
believe achieve - css
y control - baron von luxury
fuck friend - bitchee bitchee ya ya ya
bruises - chairlift
swordfish hotkiss night - empire of the sun
100% dbird - an experiment on a bird in the air pump
pleasure - benga
take me away (ill skillz rmx) - dieselboy
ask for trim (prod by mega) - trimski
south side ft lil keke - dj screw
cocaine ft rick ross - UGK
3 men marching - 3 melancholy gypsys
grime kid - wiley
heat up the night - ooah
track 11 aeiou - diplo and triple double
something wrong - leon-jean marie
emerald city - cassia
air war - crystal castles
elder memory - alphabets
eyes open - the gossip
ce jeu (triobelisk rmx) - yelle
its a fact (printed stained) (mano rmx ft hollywood holt) - matt & kim
portion of four weeks to wife her - neon skullz mix