Monday, November 16, 2009

On Insignifigance and Constant Rain

I feel it has been raining over 24 straight hours, maybe 48 even.
I feel the rain makes me insignifigant. The rain washes away highlights of my identity.
Because the best weather proofed jacket I own looks typical.
Because my shoes are soaked through I will only wear one pair all season.
Because I'm inside hiding from the wet and cold rather than reveling out in sunshine.

I have also been looking at the signifigance I give to others in comparison to their value in my life. I look back at my experience with Jacob and realize the signifigance I gave him out weighed any signifigance he gave me. He never played music with me, like he said. He promised lots of things that ended in false hopes and ideals.
I have looked at the signifigance my ideas have when fostered in this class I'm in. I will not accept that my ideas have no signifigance. I will accept that they may come from such unvocalizable place for me that their signifigance is muddy in their medium of me.
I have also learned that my most signifigant acheivements were not fostered in school. I mean you can consider my dance education of the scholarly sort, but my work with Freneticore as well as my visual art have been completely independant from any educational establishment.
The ideas themselves and my participation hold great signifigance.

Should feeling so lost in constant rain have signifigance?

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