Wednesday, December 31, 2008

nothing to me

in a few short months i plan to be beyond you.

like a taste in my mouth

i will drink the water from a separate well

and from you my system will cleanse

then the dream to kiss your crisp lips

will be but a memory

and now we stand on the hill

over looking the valley

at the bottom of the sound

the beach on the bay

when i drink beer from your lips again

we will be in a different place

my heart i place far away in tibet

take me there and fulfill its content

and by then you will mean nothing

oh its the 31st dec 2008

this year, spectacular! amazing! more to say in two thousand nine

Monday, December 29, 2008

set from sat dec 27

fascination - la roux
zombies! - designer drugs
above and beyond - the bravery
nothing is getting us anywhere - guns and bombs
htown - botany boys
my heart is set on you (louis la roche rmx) - heads we dance
program of the first part - thieves like us
happy birthday - royksopp
we gonna ride (ratatat rmx) - saigon and ugk
cracks in the lifeline - these are powers
the stars look even brighter (give me xmas time) - triobelisk and stina stjern
the energy story (original mix) - college feat. minitel rose
air wave take over by 12 12

Saturday, December 27, 2008

people want to know

where and when to catch me naked

also catch the FRO olympia new years eve party... no guarantees on the nudity
all the snow is melting, make these huge slush of mess puddles. everywhere. parking lots are transformed to ice cold pools for the polar bear clubs' annual meets. i'm sleeping with a humidifier and brian nichols texted me a "merry christmas babe!" just like a writer, to text it. thats where my obsession begins and ends. my walls have been spruced up this season. gifts from diana and wil moe, make the holiday more festive. diana's vintage knit wall hangings and baso's the bottom drops out painting... classic. so i guess i cant complain about not unwrapping any thing on the actual holla day itself. my presents came in presence of loved ones...

here's a smut poem i plan to submit to trash and garnish ^_-

your legs and your ass are hanging off the bed
plale like its winter, but really you just dont go out anymore
i can see the mole above the grateful dead tattoo
makes it look like you were conceived at the show
but the head phones on your head never play
if i drape my dick in your face will you see it
or will you just continue to suck on your lollipop
how hard i would fill the space between your jaws
and play with your tits against the sheets while you
pretend not to care or notice me

dec twentieth with dj making puppy love

the killing spree - chromatics

octet (smd edit) - deerhunter

let’s reggae all night - css

tides - gatekeeper

mars (player player’s 95 jump mix) - fake blood

bedford - poison diamonds

it’s 5 (poutine dream mix 33hz &ming) - architecture in helsinki

hit the north part 1 - the fall

time for changes - faxe

the jackrabbit (rmx) - vagina power penis power
money don’t make us (dj screw trilogy) - archie lee
go on beef (mr. oizo rmx) - feadz
the star looks even brighter (give me christmas time) - triobelisk / stina stjern

it wasn’t god who made honkey tonk angels - kitty wells

good bye horses (krikor edit) - Q. lazzarus
cindy tells me - brian eno

the short weekend begins with a longing - action action

i was dancing in a lesbian bar - jonathan richman

drinking you in - the duke spirit

remember walkin’ in the sand - the shangri-las

prescilla - bat for lashes

peel some off - these are powers

violador - mkf

unknown (im really bad at research) - amazing baby

of birds, moons, and monsters (modernaire rmx) - mgmt

i’m not gonna teach (twelves rmx) - black kids

brought to you by glitch n growl and free radio olympia 98.5 olympia washington

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow snow everywhere

i'm learning that if i am really nice, bands and artists will give me things for free. maybe its my charm and good looks. anything else, i take for free with out regard.  im basically going to try and coerce my good british friend to give me his "rape cape". i will in return take naked photos in it, and mail it back to him, with said photos included. 

Monday, December 15, 2008

no one understands me like you do

but i have to be honest... when ever i browse other people's blogs for music, i feel really great when i find a sight that is just now posting tracks i heard about a year ago. I'd like to think i follow music like some people follow fashion, and well like i like to follow fashion, i like to be on the cutting edge of trends. I like to be the first to hear new things and know i was the one who influenced others to listen. Usually if some one is raving over something I heard about a year ago, I know they're not up to date. It crazy how some things slip past me though. But not much, no not much! I'm watching snow pile up outside! and no its not piling up my nose!
i want to be in london, where i can attend super super parties!
i mean check out there party pics! amazing! i want backdrops in my life.... BACKDROPS!!!!

repost everywhere

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

against my better judgement

yeah i should have stayed indoors today. i normally opt to stay at home doing nothing on sundays like today, but instead, in the pursuit of happiness i went out drinking. now im just a little bit colder and a little bit sicker. i attempted productivity, but was i really? did i really do anything anyway?


im contributing to trash and garnish. i'm not so much a smut writer, most of my poems are based around immense drug use. however, michael holzinger decided that my smutty behavior definately qualifies me to be a smut writer, in fact i should be proficient in this area.
here's the first draft of the first smut poem. and yes, soon i will write about all smutty activity troy lumpkin and i have participated in, now that's art!!!!!!

my socks are soaked through

but the rain on my skin doesnt

bother me in the same fashion

wearing the rain is a fashion

when your nipples stand so hard

taking off my shirt to show appreciation

you address me like a desperate act

you hand me the bill stained brown

i take it and try not to act afraid

heroin laced smoke passes my lips

too tired and too cold

you're too cold to get up your

frozen winter dick the folds of my body

show my lack of aspirations

its so easy to believe you don't love me

its so easy to believe you love me

to believe that you breath spaces

between your thoughts to think of me

my heart is breaking already

the first shards have began to splinter

its a wikkid november to remember things this way

its a dead wikked winter

which means its all too cold

and alone for a mind like mine

but tomorrow it will snow

we will begin the upward slope again

we all want to inspire some one

i have a fan, he called me during my last track. he said he loves me, maybe it's for real!!!
i'm eating a chocolate orange just like my mom would give me as a kid for christmas!! i should really write my trash n garnish piece

here's your party set for dec 13 twothousand and eight, it snowed in olympia for the first day this year!

who you wit? (mano rmx) - steed lord
the turn - m.i.a.
track six - 12 12
noir desir (vivasulfer rmx) - vive le fete
human wreck (radio edit) - adult.
hi beam baby - a.d.a.m. baby!

get innocuous - lcd sound system
dirtysouf - lil flip
neeve - woolfy vs projections
don’t tell me - hank shostak
the spices of love chesty (nmedrop rmx) - lets get invisible

i want your love - chromatics
the wizard - bat for lashes

head dress - amazing baby
vw - late of the pier 

11th hour (eliot lipp rmx) - cubik & origami
this is london - dusk and blackdown
audio track 03 - geneva jecuzzi

gravity (joe and will ask? rmx) - division kent 
butterflys clumped in large groups - alphabets

move (metronomy rmx) - css
black lips - askine
a.council - clark
tight pants - ninjasonik

ambition (livyo rmx) - dj dlg and laidback luke
believe in yourself - the creatures
every cell can tell - the duke spirit
walking on a dream - empire of the sun
olympic airways (moscow rmx) - foal
headlong into the night - thieves like us
nylon (stalking butlers rmx) - gorilla gorilla gorilla and the girl

switchblade (la riots rmx) - hearts revolution

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The plan is to drink less and listen more

I'm going to seattle this weekend, basically just to see John Read, the Wiggins, play in a state I've never seen him play in before. I'm going to the Centralia hospital today to see Phil. He basically wrecked his life this time. It's the junk. I want to become a more all around aware person. So I'm really opposed to most all substances. I ate acid last weekend and short while later I snorted half a mdma capsule. It's just wearing on me. The first thing McKenzie said to me when I told him was "Oh no, don't do that". I guess its along the lines of even that exploration, isn't even exploration any more. Does that mean I am all grown up? What do I even drink for anymore. The feelings I used to try to drink away, I don't even consider feelings anymore, they're an offshoot experience of life. Plain and simple, its just a part of life. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I havent really been up to anything

just the usual.. here is my track selection for 12-06-2008

drug like -  action action
skillz - add n to (x)
supreme being - amazing baby *who i just had the pleasure of reading about in nylon the day the next day. maybe its because i dont really read magazine, but coincidence found itself in amazing baby!*
steady ballin - dj screw
ideas as opiates (dianita mix) - tears for fears
another land - medio mutante
in the heat of the night - pat benatar
private dancer - tina turner
windy - the association
confusion - dusk and black down (12robvz mixish)
glitter pills - health
is it medicine - the knife
little bit - lykki li 
playmate of the century - miss kitten
elizabeth (joe & will ask? 11pm remix) - mystery jets
right as rain - mr beasly
moving forward (designer drugs rmx) - protokoll
test four - sweet exorcist (black strobe rmx)
cold rythm - //TENSE//
dope boi - muffy
code 7429 - lullibies in the dark
viewers like you -  lets get invisible