Saturday, October 29, 2011

about the milky way

ive been having visions of the milky way
i am a star and you are a star and
there are stars floating all around me

i have this dream you and i are floating in our destiny
all around me is dark except for the light eminating from you
and i can bath in this warmth and it reminds me of when i had a body
and you could use your arms to wrap around me

the veil has been so lucid and thin
i thought i was loosing my reality
but i am beginning to transcend
and thats only my mind letting go of my body

patchwork lace and braids

my mind ripped like that lace lattice coming undone
but you braided my hair back together there
so im holding it together even though the pieces
shattered out like glitter stardust in the milky way

the end beginning

im trying to describe this gentle lulling loss of my sanity, as it drifts farther from my reach.
some days it becomes real clear. that reality is inside out.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

this might be my difficult poem

one time i had this dream that we were all in olympia, it was a giant street fair, we were downtown (i was double fisting forties), and you were there and you were there. but we all had our instruments, drums and strings, or markers, or spray cans. and the cops gave us high fives, instead of "move along now"s ... and instead of spare change i just traded you for what i had for what you had, coincedently it all worked out.

Monday, October 24, 2011

and there was a gentle hum to settle the curve of the vibration

i watched the moon rise at three am
i want to look up at the stars
while laying on the grass next to you
i see our future lives in the milky way
you overwhelmed the emptiness in my heart
you make me want to save myself
so that there is more i could give to you
you gave me gifts from our goddess earth
sometimes i feel like i could ask for nothing
maybe i just dont know how to say i want
more time with you by my side
more time your arms around me
holding me close to your heart
i feel like ive known you forever
still you are so strange and new to me

Thursday, October 6, 2011

im not here any more

can't you see me cry
this is the only way i can intentionalize what i feel
i am the apothacary's wet dream, knumb, pleading for cessation
i prayed for life, and i then prayed for death
and prayed for life again, years beyond this
i prayed for new consciousness
in the spiral, vortex, depth of the cave
you presented to me plato's dream of consciousness
i saw the images on the wall

I am losing my grasp on reality
so all these consiousness studies leave me helpless
I dream constantly of letting go
the inbetween in which you see me.
My life admist sentence. You dreamt me unconsiously.
I am floating in a cloud of destiny
And thats when you look at me.

I cannot reminisce memories with you
they are all pain, free from bliss
ascued by your new perception of me.
It seems I may have never known love.

The apothacary's pillow is a gentel terrain
to lay my conscious brain
my brain of mush, the perfect subterranean
terrain to plant a seed of conceptive knowledge
my unconscious the plot in which the seed grows.
Under a tree I laid my head and an
unconscious dream sprouted the inbetween
of lack of reality, the split dream of you
interracting with me.