Friday, January 31, 2014

I've fallen and I can't get up

Mad in love...
I hate it.
But im deep in it.... it was basically love at first sight.
I'm a half year into it.
Constant struggle to keep my wits about me.
If he is the one for me, my partner, down the road this won't matter.  But I can't handle this again that is for sure. I will be asbtinate for the rest of my life if he leaves me. It will be my last. I do not care to do this again that is for sure. Unless the Goddess settles me on a more kind soul than the one I know now. The risk of another loser is not worth the trouble they will cause.
Either way, I have art and my career to be at my side. He gives me everything, including my space. I need to love to give him his.
 I must outgrow the pains and struggles to master the medium. I must make falling in love like falling in love with a process. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Envision Workshops!

Setting Intentions

Oh man!! I am about to embark, ok I still have about a month before I head to PURA VIDA!!!! aka Costa Rica!! lush tropical! coconut! waves! sandy beaches! babes! and monkeys!! ohhhh and of course
I am so blessed to be experiencing Envision Festival, one more time! I will try and capture my experience to the best of my ability and bring that home to share with all my phriends and phamily, via FREE LIFE ENTERTAINMENT!!!! check us out at !!

Envision 2014!!!!

I am in disbelief that this could be my life. and yet, here I am!   So what does this all mean? I wish I could explain it to you now, best for me to just go with the flow, document as best I can, and bring it back with me. 
Stay tuned for furthur updates .. one love!