Monday, June 1, 2009

some times i hear no love lost on repeat

in my head, the three different versions on repeat. it's part travis kerschen inspiration. its part of dirty houston. its like reaching out for a shimmer of sparkle that fades the instant your finger tips make contact. landing in houston is the same way. it's like you're heart shattering and the shards of glass make shimmer sounds as they fall down your chest, and like the light hits the shards of broken mirrors as the fall. i have war paint on my face, but not like i'd normally prefer. this is drunk intoxicant. dirty jeff said we'd only end up as a crack couple. i wish i could be so lucky but the horse is always involved even in that situation. the fact is you don't know me so well. you only know my predicted history. and the fact that i've only given up more makes it even more so impersonal it doesnt even mean anything. you fuck me and then run home to your common law wife.....'s reality... i promised i couldn't but right now i would

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