Saturday, June 13, 2009

my fear of broken glass

you claim a lot of shit my imagination hasn't even thought of
i wish half of it were true, so i can an exscape into that world
i dont believe in the karmic relief your ideals provide
im not the kind of person that thinks out loud
im not the kind of person that acts in the moment
i will show up in your life ten years from today
you will wish and pray you never knew me

i can't break windows
i can't break mirrors
the last time a window of a car broke for me
it was the rear window of my mitsubishi outlander, slammed hard against a bmx handle bar
those shards of glass where like poison to me released into my atmosphere
i shrank back and let the shatter hit me
evertime i imagine glass breaking i can feel the shards sprinkle cuts into my skin
i see the splinters of blood on my flesh
it makes me cry

i didnt brake your window. im too scared

consumer fear department

1 comment:

Kenrick Ward said...

you should make a spoken word album, Oly misses you. and jizzy balls