Sunday, May 31, 2009

HOuston we have LANDING!

Oh Houston! Oh my! tonight i saw the Juan Maclean do a live set! I danced hard! I have pictures from every event besides that. I feel the best memories I have to keep secret for myself! I really wanted to say Hi to Nancy Wong, but you know she wasn't around at the time. I told Jon about how I came to want to feel apart of something and when I'm here I realize I'm more alone than ever. I'm a part of something some where else. It makes my heart break just a little and the shatters shimmer across my chest like light striking broken mirrors. 
the theme song of this event is "shiny skinned friend" by the juan maclean!
so the porn pictures are on the flickr and everything else are in myspace or facebook! you will find illicit acts!

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