Thursday, June 18, 2009

treasure hunting

you so often are searching for that precious stone
the perfect jewel
some one once said something about anything
you may have lost will always be in the last place you look
this is an annoyance to any one in mid hunt
not to me, i like to find lost objects
and the saying always holds true almost absolute
and im sitting here watching you so desperately
search and turn over new leaves
frantically you can't find what you're looking for
wouldn't that be the way
the hunt for the perfect jewel would be
and of course if you were to find that precious stone
you would lose interest of course because
there is always a more precious stone out there
the leaf turning process will begin again
at one point i decided i would not turn over new leaves
the rediculous process had left me rather strained and striving
im not sure what im doing now
i am more content to sit and observe and focus
to be a steady constant
my life will go on regardless
my actions or not
you have the choice not to act
the precious stone will be the last place you look
to be steadily with in yourself is the only peace i know

Glitch and Growl

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