Sunday, June 7, 2009

something i pulled out from the past

while going through things at my moms house i found this oldie but goodie from circa '05

My Heart A Line

You are a point on my line
a representational image of my heart
your point, the intersection
of your line with my heart
my child, an immaculate star
next to your point on my line
your words, your sword
your scourge directly t hrough my heart
your scalpel, to dig out
my immaculate star from my heart
your effort to dig out
your point from my line
but my lord knows eternity
our lord affixed your point to my line
your effort severed me from
my child, my immaculate star
for he/she now shines brighter
then even the two of our hearts
our child shall encompass our two lines
on the plain of eternity, our existance
my child, holy concieved, my gaurdian
through my sin, may I have relieved 
your denial, shall you believe
what was God ordained
what was God concieved
my tears, my penance
shall flood every point
beyond yours along my line
my repentance, my console
shall flood the rest of my life

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