Sunday, November 2, 2008

you're adventures arent like my adventures

and so i feel alone in this world. did i ever mention my passion towards being a disgruntled citizen? well, the disco doesn't play in my head twenty four seven like we would appreciate. and in the mean time, i am inundated with irritations from the world around me. i dont think it is favor of my health. i had a great adventure this halloween. and to be honest i only wanted brooke by my side most the time. no one else makes things that don't make sense tolerable. the rest of everything else, i just dont get. i heart you brooke n the adventures aren't as grand with out you...

things about not doing drugs:
you forget after seven years of heavy substance abuse, the little things. like the urgency for a jug of oj the morning after inducing extacy into your system. now you wake up with a desire to jump out of the nearest building, and only later does it hit you that maybe this is suppossed to be this way. that there's no way you can go on living the same with the subtraction of neurons in your brain that once made it happy place. so why don't you give up? give up...

i made pumkin soup today, its dia de los muertos by the way. you know how i love spending quality time in a kitchen making loving substanence. but its a knife to the heart when it goes unappreciated. i almost feel like i felt after food not bombs under i forty five bridge and getting a banana peel thrown in my face.. ok that was exageration! but some activists have little appreciation for things that come from the heart... i guess maybe thats my own biased interpertation. but really when was the last time one of them told me i was ok. just ok how i am..

this is going no where you should stop reading

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