Thursday, November 13, 2008

mustache party

yea i gave some dude my fone number tonight.. and left it at that!
im trying to do more exciting and adventurous things in my life. And yes, I'm quite aware I live quite an adventurous life as it is... low and behold though, I plan to step this up! I want extraordinary, and to be honest I've only been living semi-ordinary... Not cool! . SO I plainly hit on some one tonight. gave him my number and left it at that. It's not like I wanted to do him right away. I'm well aware I'm over that part of my life. Yes, I acknowledge it's existance, but I've never been fully satisfied that way. So the likely hood that he will call is slim, but so what. I found him attractive, he really caught my eye, and that was enough for me. Diana was a great friend to go along with. I love her!!!!

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