Friday, November 14, 2008

i've been watching lots of my so called life

its like a total flash back to my life in the 90's. my adolesence. I never really watched television when i was younger. When I see shows like this now a days I kinda feel like I missed out in something. But then whatever, I'd rather have the influence ten years later.

I was walking home the other day from school and it was beginning to sprinkle. It was the end of almost a week of solid rain. I pulled my hood up and then I pulled it back down. For the first time in a while I actually wanted or liked the way the rain drops felt on my head. I think this was the monday after the annoying sunday where Abe showed back up. It felt like the rain was washing me clean. Washing my debts away, I wish literally. Washing the embarrassment of once more crying over the stupid boy. It's not like I really have interests in being with him, anymore. I just want resolution. I want him to know that he's been insulting to me. He called me sad. Like to my face, that he could see my emotions, and worse that he expected them to be over him.

I'm watching a True Life on sport bike stunt riders... AHMG! I'm still into that bike thing. especially with one wheel in the air!!!!

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