Monday, November 10, 2008

non existance, tracklisting and some crappy heart broken poetry

I played my first live set on saturday night. it was at the quality burrito, from one am till about two. jean asked me to cover his set while he checked out some hard core show. i was increadibly nervous, but i knew this time would come eventually, i just wasn't expecting it so soon. the live set was a variation from my radio show set ::

november 08 two thousand and eight on 98.5 fm free radio olympia
ten pm till midnight


miss broadway - belle epoque (ian carry rmx)
teenage color - college (anoraak rmx)
sweet child of mine - flat pack (mylo edit)
too high - high life
hotdog - simian mobile disco (cosmo vitelli rmx)
chain gang - publicist
when we wer young - sneaky sound system (g.l.o.v.e.s. rmx)
dance - battles
what's a girl to do - bat for lashes

dj making puppy love

dream lover - the paris sisters
apples in stereo
laura - vincent gallo
jesus wants me for a sun beam - the vaselines
minniapolis - that dog
i wish you wouldn't say that - talking heads
sometimes i wish i were a boy - lesly gore
all i can do is cry - ike and tina


dreams - the cranberries
stars say no - hears of animals
nevereverever did - architecture in helsinki (yacht mix)
mouth erection - geneva jecuzzi
MDMH - add n to (x)
cross the dance floor - treasure fingers (chromeo rmx)
enjoy what you do - trackedemics (shadow dancer rmx)
shooting stars - bag raiders
heart beat - late of the pier
love to lover - joe yellow

and now something you cant attain emotionally with me, because im a hear broken heart breaker and no matter what i say to you're face, you mean nothing to me

to those who know i mean little to

you nodded your head to a beat, just maybe i played for you
you didnt leave the room even with all the energy i play for you
you call me sad, but you don't know the hills and depths of my heart
i can't bomb a hill but i've got walls covered with out planting my face
you hold me tight when you need something to stand against
when your balance is off i am steady resort
you weave your fingers into my hair like wool on a spool
the record you gave me plays over and over again
my head spins but when it rests in your hand it is calm
thanks for noticing i cry, i also bleed and some day i will die
but i don't think you're breathing or thinking the same pace as me
i walked a blister into my soul i walked it into my destiny
you carve sound out of your bass guitar, the mongols throat sing
but the vibrations are seeming to now break me
the opium in your face is a well kept pit of desperate
i cant leave with you looking at me like this

i could really tell you how many times ive cried over this but i know you only answer is to pass me the heroin pipe

and here's an art study that has nothing to do with how i feel right now
comparison:: troy vs something from will's feminest art book

and this was me on the day of the dead.. no i lost my soul a minute ago

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