Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little bit of poemsstufff

sometimes when i wash my face

or let my head run under the shower

i feel like i am drowning

the anticipation is so much

sometimes i can hardly bring myself

to bath or to wash myself

i rode a bike yesterday and it hurt

i could never straighten my legs on the pedals

it was like a really long car ride

and you're sitting in the back seat

with the seat in front of you pushed all the way back

can't wait to get out and stretch your legs

can't wait to get off and stretch your legs

for the first time, on my walk from school today

i didn't mind the feel of the rain on my head

when it began to sprinkle i pulled my hood up

and then i pulled it down again. 

it was like god was washing me clean

everything before was different

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