Tuesday, October 21, 2008


not quite.
really i drank a bunch of nyquil and drove to school because i couldn't sleep. i don't know what i am doing here. looking around at all of the people i feel on a whole other level. my face feels it's squished flat against a wall and drips down like excess paint. no thats the snot in my nose. i think this recent lapse in immunity is due to my recent excursions this weekend. all including, hopping a fence resulting in welted bruises on my thighs, eating lsd on a sweet tart, staying out till all odd hours of the night committing mischievous acts. yea lately ive behaved myself but this weekend was extravagent and with the mental stress i've been encurring i don't believe it was the best idea for myself. now i sip on the syzzurp and and and think about chop n screw

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