Wednesday, October 15, 2008

maybe we'll choke on it, maybe we'll just be friends

i splurged on a pair of shoes. i paid over a hundred dollars for a pair of wrap up boots by toms. i normally only buy used shoes for cheap cheap. so the first night i was wearing them, i puked all over them. irony? maybe.

im laying on one of my leopard print velvet pillows.  my feet are tucked under my bunny jacket. i'd like to say something to PETA and vegans who think fur is murder. this jacket is the best jacket in my life. yeah the stitching has come undone in the pockets and yeah its not good to wear in the rain. but i didnt kill the bunnies. i didnt pay for the bunnies to die. it was a gift and i felt obliged to accept. when some one buys you a five hundred dollar jacket out of love, your morals may sway. justification. indians wore fur. i feel very natural in it. and spiritually i am offering those bunnies a certified good home. i know those bunnies are doing their best keeping me warm and i am eternally grateful. in return, they know their life was not fleeting and was appreciated and that spiritually i respect and give thanks to them. spiritually i consider it a mutual agreement. 

i know things so nice don't come into my life by accident. its because of hard work, either by me or the people around me. i hope to assume that the people around me all have the best of intentions, and i've often learned the awfully hard way, that very few people actually do. but maybe its because i see too much in people, not just in front of me, but their full potential too. i think i focus too much on people's potential and often they don't focus and fall short. it's their choice to live to their potential. i have my own to worry about. 

maybe that was my soul i sold a while ago

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