Sunday, October 12, 2008

GNG on air

i walked into the station tonight and i was immediately brought back to corey's house in sugar land. the smell and familiar track playing. visual noize was on air. i think it was a pink floyd song. ill have to ask him to be sure. incense in the air were the most astonishing similarity. it was increadibly distinct. i was taken back at first. so much time has passed since i was in that place in my life.  i dont know what to make of it, or should i make anything at all? really, probably not. but i dont normally have such distinct reactions like that. it was like a complete hallucination of time orientation. all of a sudden i was sixteen again... i dont know if i liked it

here is part of the set list for the evening, the rest is a mystery... unless you were listening

Im a pimp - mike jones ft lil keke

random firl - late of the pier

cloverland - dj screw

rolling raj deep - dusk and balckdown

no more long years (radioclit edit) - matt and kim

plastic doll -  dharma

electric feel - MGMT

gang bang - MKF

get down ft baby - lil wayne chopped n screwed

diamonds - kanye west ratatat edit

self-obsessed and sexxee - sonic youth

2080 - yeasayer brenmar edit

baby said - hot chip robbwhy edit

is it medicine - the knife

art bitch - css

give up - young love

moon machine - jean marc jarre

dont curse - heavy d

suicidal thoughts - the notorious B.I.G.

whats a girl to do - christina

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