Monday, October 13, 2008

history, sympathy, idealism, consistancy, social commentary

do you really know me. i assure you, all you know is a half truth lie. i take whats easy to my spirituality. meaning you should never trust me. integrity, continuity, all of these are facade. when i eat, i think of nothing. i wish to digest the most minimal substances of quality. and alone to my own devices i cannot .... intelligible tangibility, i wish to give you up. you know i dont know enough for my own species
history: the most significant and consistent album of my adolescence was radio head's - kid a. it was the first album i listened to with such indie extremes and traditional composition. it was the first outside box i was obsessed with. i still remember seth, desiree's friend who burned that cd for me. he didnt even know. 
history 2: freaks. annie of matt and annie was the first to rave about this feature film. this evening at the le voyeur.  oh the social commentary necessary for comprehension. and how the 1930's directors were so precise with their ability to maintain our function of humanity and show us our deepest darkest humiliations and irregularities. and people thought the wizard of oz was good for economic commentary

everything i feel is broken and i would rather split it apart then cast it back together again. but you make me feel like i have no control over their give or say. and when they take me apart, i will be so strewn about, they know not the order to put me together again. the best will be with the seams you sew me together again. pulling my flesh side to side. in satin ribbons you stretch to suit me. with out defiance my cells know better to not abide

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