Saturday, May 2, 2009

about nude photography and all night ragers

I swear, no one does it like Houston. The dingy dirty warehouses, the party train actually going some where. I slept in the car tonight because I locked my keys in the house?? I didn't really sleep. I kinda stressed over it a little bit and then meditated over it and then used my ipod touch and the wifi inside my house to some how contact for help. Of course, I'm the only one online at 6:40 in the morning. About ten minutes ago I gave up and rang the doorbell to wake some one up inside.  Let me tell ya, it was a longgg night.  Sort of..
See, I haven't been going to bed till about this time of the day any way. But usually I'm just busying myself at home, alone to all hours of the night. I woke up at about two pm yesterday by my Grandma feeling the itch for a road trip. We drove up the Hood Canal to Port Townsend to wait almot 2.5 hours for a ferry. From there we drove to the Skagit Valley to see fields and fields of plowed tulip dirt. See the Tulip festival had ended earlier that week and the farmers with haste prepared for the next crop. On the way back we took I5 and got stuck in Seattle construction traffic around 11pm. Didn't make it home to Olympia till close to 12:30. What does my dumb ass do? I think it's reasonable to my friend Jacob's Mayday party shindig, leaving, of course, my keys at home on my bed. 

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