Friday, May 15, 2009

to andrew peru..... ooops

oh, i didn't ever expect myself to your showing up. 
in fact i had almostly completely reserved myself 
to wholely believing you had left and gone away. 
but then again, there you are, and all of my expectations 
are succeeded and all of my limitations are broken. 
content. is the only way to express the peace of warp speed. 
the ignorrant bliss of death. and the poison of 
his seemingly perfect kiss. 
there, you break all bounds
i constantly test the ones i am with. and in that, only
the ones who accept the challenge to be the judge
are the ones to reign in my regards highly.
to kiss and touch them in an way of experience,
lacks every concern in way of experiencing you.
you are the new gold standard i give value
sure i could throw myself at cheap and easy credit
but the struggle and the persuit gives worth

once again, to my public. i am a horrible poet and even more so, a horrible person.  

and the college to go with this is coming shortly!

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Jenny Lee Lark said...

All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.
Oscar Wilde