Sunday, December 14, 2008


im contributing to trash and garnish. i'm not so much a smut writer, most of my poems are based around immense drug use. however, michael holzinger decided that my smutty behavior definately qualifies me to be a smut writer, in fact i should be proficient in this area.
here's the first draft of the first smut poem. and yes, soon i will write about all smutty activity troy lumpkin and i have participated in, now that's art!!!!!!

my socks are soaked through

but the rain on my skin doesnt

bother me in the same fashion

wearing the rain is a fashion

when your nipples stand so hard

taking off my shirt to show appreciation

you address me like a desperate act

you hand me the bill stained brown

i take it and try not to act afraid

heroin laced smoke passes my lips

too tired and too cold

you're too cold to get up your

frozen winter dick the folds of my body

show my lack of aspirations

its so easy to believe you don't love me

its so easy to believe you love me

to believe that you breath spaces

between your thoughts to think of me

my heart is breaking already

the first shards have began to splinter

its a wikkid november to remember things this way

its a dead wikked winter

which means its all too cold

and alone for a mind like mine

but tomorrow it will snow

we will begin the upward slope again

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