Saturday, December 27, 2008

people want to know

where and when to catch me naked

also catch the FRO olympia new years eve party... no guarantees on the nudity
all the snow is melting, make these huge slush of mess puddles. everywhere. parking lots are transformed to ice cold pools for the polar bear clubs' annual meets. i'm sleeping with a humidifier and brian nichols texted me a "merry christmas babe!" just like a writer, to text it. thats where my obsession begins and ends. my walls have been spruced up this season. gifts from diana and wil moe, make the holiday more festive. diana's vintage knit wall hangings and baso's the bottom drops out painting... classic. so i guess i cant complain about not unwrapping any thing on the actual holla day itself. my presents came in presence of loved ones...

here's a smut poem i plan to submit to trash and garnish ^_-

your legs and your ass are hanging off the bed
plale like its winter, but really you just dont go out anymore
i can see the mole above the grateful dead tattoo
makes it look like you were conceived at the show
but the head phones on your head never play
if i drape my dick in your face will you see it
or will you just continue to suck on your lollipop
how hard i would fill the space between your jaws
and play with your tits against the sheets while you
pretend not to care or notice me

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