Monday, December 15, 2008

no one understands me like you do

but i have to be honest... when ever i browse other people's blogs for music, i feel really great when i find a sight that is just now posting tracks i heard about a year ago. I'd like to think i follow music like some people follow fashion, and well like i like to follow fashion, i like to be on the cutting edge of trends. I like to be the first to hear new things and know i was the one who influenced others to listen. Usually if some one is raving over something I heard about a year ago, I know they're not up to date. It crazy how some things slip past me though. But not much, no not much! I'm watching snow pile up outside! and no its not piling up my nose!
i want to be in london, where i can attend super super parties!
i mean check out there party pics! amazing! i want backdrops in my life.... BACKDROPS!!!!

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