Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey Folks!! Free Radio Olympia Needs A New Home

As our beloved community members and listeners may be aware, Free Radio
Olympia 98.5 FM (FRO) was recently served a warning by the Federal
Communications Committee (FCC) to cease broadcasting without license.
According to the federal government, it is illegal to broadcast over the
radio waves without their permission. When they permit a station to
broadcast, that permission comes with restrictions. One must hold one's
tongue and keep one's words within an acceptable, passive bubble of
mediocrity. Only certain music is acceptable. Only certain things can be
said. Information and opinions are altered, dulled down, rendering them
hollow and half-alive.

In 2001, FRO took a stand against this sorry state of affairs and began
broadcasting without a license. This action was done defiantly and openly.
Since its inception, FRO has been ordered by the FCC to cease transmitting
and shut down several times. Despite this, FRO has continued transmitting
for 8 years, albeit with occasional interruptions.

As was mentioned above, FRO is currently negotiating the consequences of
receiving a new order by the FCC to cease transmission. Rest assured, FRO
will return. The date of our glorious resurrection is not fixed, nor can
it be. But you can help hasten that day by providing us with a new home.
We need (at LEAST) one of you beautiful people/households out there to
host our station. As soon as we find a new home, the sooner we'll be back
up and running. So if you are willing to welcome FRO into your home, or
think you might be but just have some questions, let us know. Now is your
chance to be part of pirate radio history and help us bring anarchy to the

You can contact us either through our email at fro(at) or sniff
out that one person you know who is part of the collective.

With your help and the support of the community, we'll be back on the air
and running strong again. Keep up the good work, Olympia. We'll be back
sooner than you can eat a burrito.

In the meantime, tune in to our audio stream online at or !
We are still programming.



Fucking Shit Up Since 2001

FRO is online at &

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