Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the capricorn is a capsule

Sometimes I wish I could explain to my family the duties of being a capricorn. Besides my emotionally void father, I am the only capricorn I know in the family. Courtenay once explained one of the capricorn duties to be emotionally sensitive. I found this point interesting after having lived with my father for 17 years and noticed his lack of emotions odd in comparison. I have always felt my emotions were overwhelmingly strong. It could be the possibility that several years of experience may have taught my father a wise lesson. I wish I could explain to my family how I feel everything they feel. I have been so overwhelmed with feelings from the people around me at times I become physically ill. No matter how far I remove myself from a situation I am perpetually stricken by the obligation these feelings bring. Some how I feel these feelings are breaking me...

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