Tuesday, July 28, 2009

live to tell the tale - passion pit

this is the room where we always dreamed
of grass and splendid evenings
emitting frequencies, lost between the
leaves and things
and i held on brightly, crushing quietly
feeling mountains rising out of
make-believe seas, creating typhoons
of feelings not easily made without need

god bless that smile on your face
god bless the seeds in the ground
god bless my family's keen gaze,
oh, i know
that whatever happens to you,
whatever happens to me,
i hope that i'll fall asleep
knowing that you'll always be
the story with no ending

the whole slew blossomed beautifully,
and i was beside myself
so i gave into your love
as you rapture asleep, upended
and this is like i have always dreamed:
cobblestone and dusty feet
that's the way it should always be
head over heels and deftly
wonderful and healthy

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