Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lacey seems like a land of inappropriate drunkness

and then you text me while im there.
i gave up on you texting me back, texting you was a novelty i came across not expecting a real answer
you respond like being into you was never an option. like its a mer commonality that my genetics want to procreate with your genetics. thank god for me understanding the ability to knife my genetics out and freeze them for future use. because your genetics will not get ahold of my genetics with out pre approval from our friend pat.... oops i always knew hed make a good godfather

so i was in lacey talking to my future kids godfather daryl, yes the familia is large. when he made me realize that under no circumstances will a normal 9-5 job support my habits, and plural is important these days. because ive tried to make ppl understand this kind of alcohalism and i never wanted leave houston for these reasons, and yet here i am alone again. judging and prejudging my citizens. bobby. i want to judge your customers and them alone, no one else

see the truth is whenever im thinking drake's, best i ever had, im not thinking of you, or him, im thinking of dash snow and his 78 polaroids and his first arrival of inclinations towards me to make me want to do blow of a black man's dick and nothing else. even mike range couldnt provide this kind of intuition. if this were really all about me and getting rocks off it wouldnt matter if i were drunk or not tonight. i drink enough regularly where people dont want me that tonight is just another night

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