Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colourful Colorado!

they should put weed in the fudge they sell on top of pikes peak. its the perfect way to combat vertigo and the altitude sickness. Ever since I met the trade mark and liscensing lawyer in Montezuma CO, I've known where i need to spend a period of my mature adult years here. Probably the part right before I go to Tibet to die. There's so many nice things about this place. Besides the fact that weed is everywhere!!! This land convinces me that what I'm fighting for is true. I got a bumper sticker today supporting hemp oil as an alternate fuel source!... Like DUH!!! Colorado makes America feel like a truly free country! It was what we must fight for.... yea I have twisted motivations. I can't wait to spend enough time here to make art here. I'm just barely waist deep in Olympia, hardly even swimming rights in those waters, but its a shallow pond. I will definately spend time here in Colorado and make some really transcendental art. I feel at this altitude, meditation is much easier <3

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