Thursday, April 16, 2009

tonights the kinda night

i want to write about drifting out in space. where everything separates completely. gases become the visual aide to energy. instead my head is stuck in a cloud on a relative plain of humanity. even in meditation he echos interruptions to me. maybe im too far away to make sense to some one else.  djing tonight at jezebelz was quite an experience. i hesitated playing what i really wanted to play, just to please my audience. it was the only thing that felt right and natural to do, but i didn't like any of it.  now im at home half naked listening to greg smith (bar jesus) on a psychedelic love song mix called more sap than a maple. it was made for his friend's trip to korea and let me tell you, i feel blessed to be one to have come across it.  it definitely helps put me in that place of space and time. the lavender is overwhelming. especially in my life yesterday, if we're going to discuss the senses. track at twenty four minutes. is how i feel right now

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