Friday, April 17, 2009

the rainy day after easter sunday, after another encounter with katsu the infamous

i am driving listening to the duke spirit. but i am someplace else. tonight i am unexpectedly and contently connected cerebrally, equinoxilly, to things around me. i model for Surya and her tarot deck set. I am the star, I hope the pictures prove fitting. I drive everyone down town. Chasse is passed out, a bottle of rum we are thicker.  See, Surya is going to the East Side but I will go to Jezebels where I can get drinks off my tab for having djed on wednesday night. Really all I want is a nice content corner to drink alone in, again. Instead Mike is there with a group of very not single college grad maybe drop out kids. I would feel almost attracted to this kind until one of them asks me to dj. I threw on about an hours worth reminiscent free nineties psychedelic loveness before i know its time for me to bail. I remember a previous arrangement with courtenay to meet up later to discuss her quarter project on dreams and astrology. at the time, the relevance of the dreams would not seem so grave. it was a prolonged experience. at the time of dreaming this dream, i knew its gravity. and for a while i could go on, ignoring its image. but with this contract i signed with courtenay. i assign all my dreams upon my recording towards her interpretation. I can't help but infer my own opinions. 
I talked to Cap' Prof Curtis yesterday about installations in brooklyn. The idea came to be quite insightful towards both of our resources and expertise. I could only hope troy the great kastu is around the town in time to see what I have in response to his influence into my atmosphere. If only he could capture the decay and growth of me into a film to title after himself. Of all I've studied of the love of beings, he intrigues an inspiration in me to explore the most. 

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