Saturday, January 3, 2015

On health and diets and figures

I find myself terribly self-conscious about my body image at times, spoiler alert I should have posted this on evergreen confessions.... I think I'm brainwashed to believe I'm fat and then I think about dieting, then I fear the only place I will lose anything from are my tits! Dear Goddess I am so grateful for my breasts, I was less than an A cup till I was 23! Now I just wear a low cut shirt and people give me things for free! I have also been brainwashed to believe this is acceptable and I should never have to work for anything!  Far too much washing of this brain... I have been actively working daily to reverse these ideas. I remember being a dancer with eating disorders and an even worse body image. But Goddesses come in every shape and size and we are all beautiful, old and young, wrinkled or taunt . Every day I find a part of my body I am thankful for and then I love it with exercise and nutritious food!

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