Thursday, January 8, 2015

de(a)dication /// rezolution

i have spent most of my last few years going to festivals, some how also managing to finish a degree (a bachelors of festivals of course)... i have volunteered at so many wonderful fests, vended so many others more! been a vendor coordinator, a photographer, a preformer, art gallery coordinator, promoter, and down right party goer! it has been a truly amazing blessing to meet so many amazing people, work with some of the best people ever in one of the best ever industries of the universe! i have been inspired by so many fellow artists, musicians, performers, dreamers, and healers! you each touch my heart profoundly! i am in a very different place from when i first started down that path and much love to those who have touched my heart along the way, to those who have healed me and helped me! i am looking to give back in such a capacity i have never experienced before. I am looking to do so much more! I will hone my craft for you! i am but a humble servent in hopes to hold your heart! and to captivate your passions! and inspire youre wildest dreams! i hope to bring my art to you in ways i have not even imagined myself yet! here is to wishful thinkings! and the year of the horned beast!

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