Friday, August 19, 2011

what does love have to do with it?

what is love? but a second hand emotion?

I remember being young and ignorrantly dumb when I decided to leave Corey for.... ?... not sure what for. For a feeling that if I could know a love so great with him at my young age, that surely I would know a love even greater. At that age you think you can contain in your brain a truly vast amount of knowledge. However, as your consciousness grows, that vessel grows infinately greater. The kinds of love I have known since Corey have been infinately greater and worse. The worse have made me forget myself, and give up on truly identifying moments in my life for some facade of their own dreams. These are insignifigant, because they are in the shadow of what truly wonderful loves I have known. Ones that teach me things about myself, things I had forgot or lost along my singular path. Ones whose paths have lay next to mine through out our journeys together. They have taught me things I did not know about the world because they can share their visions with me. They have also let me show them my visions, a comfort when such sights can be so binding. They have reminded me and led me along a path that may always be singular in nature. To trasnscend means to not give yourself to one other person. I will have to be a gift shared with all, so if one person does get my heart, the gift he will possess may be too great to bear.

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