Sunday, August 28, 2011

night and day with out you

the wind blew a spec of sand into my eye
and i cryed
i had lost my clear sight
the wind blew you too far away from me
and i cryed
i had lost a piece of my heart

i could not see my future with out you
in my dreams you were still there by my side
my hand still cradled by your hand

there was a dream were snow was falling all around us
as we made love upon a mountain top of great height
i knew that we were safe together
even as the snow piled around me
even as it froze my body
my heart was still with content

i woke up and in reality my heart was bleeding for some peace
it beat a discontent rattle
poison coarsed through it
and you hands were in your pocket
and mine were held alone

i dreamt that id die in your arms
i also dreamt that you left me for her
and told me to never think of you again

each morning i wake up and you are on my mind
i can hypnotize myself to think the other way
because this is torture in both reality and my dreams
in reality i can take the pain away for a short while
but in my dreams i feel 1000 years of every feeling

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