Friday, March 20, 2009

poem of today's week

choices to take back and reasons to regret

letting him call from my number

saying yes to your stupid question

taking that tequila shot from you

going into the men’s bath room

letting you into see the rest of me

you close the door behind you

i put the toilet seat down to sit

you’re too afraid to kiss me

maybe it won’t be able to last

but you take a picture any way

to keep your point of view of me

you write my name on that wall

next to your heart for all to see

like a public display of affection

my ways of love are incomparable

no doubt i can only disappoint you

i can feel the fear you feed to me

slow and steady to avoid over dose

so i continue to lust for more

just as soon as i’ve had too much

you will unwind every thread in me

till i’ve unbound myself completely

should i have believed all of you

your elaborate reasons to why

i so easily accept your direction

a loss to my natural discriminations
to keep myself wound so close
you broke skin to peel me apart

just to leave me draped in wounds

your obscure and obscene ghost
of an art piece you meant to leave

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