Monday, January 12, 2009

things to semi-update you with

listening to eligh and murs on the 3 meloncholy gypsys album. i drove to tac town today. abe bought me a burrito from a taco truck. its weird how easy i am to please. but i should get over m utter fascination with him. its debilitating. i need to stop skipping class... like whoa! 
mean while on the creative front we are prospering. I bought a canon rebel with the money grandma gave me for my birthday. its going to step the game up tremendously.  i also did some shopping. a brand new pair of tweed nikes is on their way to my house. and from harmony vintage i found a great neon nurave vintage hat. its complicated to explain, but makes perfect sense. its definitely coming to the party in london with me. albums i bought : stereolab - chemical chords, tobacco - fucked up friends, teenagers - reality check, and a crazy french sonic youth record
... more updates latersss

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