Sunday, January 18, 2009

set from jan 17 2009

fade away and radiate (blondie cover) - alex and the drummer
laser cave - eliot lipp
sussudio (2k7 phil collins cover) - triobelisk
oh - menya
we are the people (ted and francis rmx) - empire of the sun
3 - caspa & rusko
irish blood, english heart - morrissey
lets talk about sex (salt n peppa cover) - man like me
hi friend - deadmau5
before - bitchee bitchee yayaya
study hard drugs school - fear of tigers
the call - soldout
love stars - caelestium
texidermist - factory floor
keep on steppin - cubik and origami
deadman rmx - dj starscream
less talk more rokk (intersect rmx) - freezepop
no time - poison diamonds
your gonna miss my love - poni hoax
dance to our disco (headman dub mx) - punks jump up
can i get more of everything in the monitors (eliot lipp mx) - skew
superconfidential rmx 2
we will vacation you can be my parasol - be your own pet
kicking and screaming (bang gang's e is for edit) - the presets
midnight runners - data district

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