Monday, December 15, 2014

duh duh dun

i got the truck all cleaned out and now im ready to get it repacked for the next big adventure. i don't feel like im ready but i also don't feel like i have any reason to stick around...... i guess you can come see me and say bye at the Friday! // Solstice Insomnia with Desert Dwellers, Perkulat0r + more
show!!! BubbleGunk will be vending with a few things from To Catch A Ray Crystals latest collection!!! and i might snap some pics before i leave so i have something to remember you all by. oh my heart is breaking to know that my impending departure of the northwest is coming so soon. im scared of being alone on the open road and with no direction, but it also excites me to no end!
I remember the time Prof. Curtis left Houston to go back to school in Chicago, oh how my heart was broken over the loss of my best friend and inspiration. I couldn't imagine my art being as great with out his influence. A part of me is scared that traveling like this will just produce the same feeling constantly. Will I be constantly trampled by my enamoured feelings each time I make a new best friend? Will I truly be able to carry all of their hearts with me? And will coping with loss ever get easier.
Do I enjoy some sort of sick torture that I must do this to myself over and over again.
The bonds I formed in Olympia have grown too strong and I must break them.  It was with you that I lost myself, and then with you that I also found where that little girl was hiding and it was with you that she truly became the woman goddess that was always inside of her. Does the scar tissue on the heart make it stronger?
So if I travel onward and all we have left are inperfect memories, know always that you have left a thumb print on my soul. My novel can not be complete with out the chapter on you! whoever you are, whoever you were to me, and wherever we go, unconditional love does exists because of us!

maybe ill visit chicago... that's a place i have yet to exist before

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