Friday, January 31, 2014

I've fallen and I can't get up

Mad in love...
I hate it.
But im deep in it.... it was basically love at first sight.
I'm a half year into it.
Constant struggle to keep my wits about me.
If he is the one for me, my partner, down the road this won't matter.  But I can't handle this again that is for sure. I will be asbtinate for the rest of my life if he leaves me. It will be my last. I do not care to do this again that is for sure. Unless the Goddess settles me on a more kind soul than the one I know now. The risk of another loser is not worth the trouble they will cause.
Either way, I have art and my career to be at my side. He gives me everything, including my space. I need to love to give him his.
 I must outgrow the pains and struggles to master the medium. I must make falling in love like falling in love with a process. 

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