Sunday, December 1, 2013

loving you from afar

lately, my visions have been about interdimensional travel with you. the nightmares are just physical material paranoias based on this plane of existence. they don't count for our lives in the past together. they seem to be more about how we are growing past this life together. i feel as though when we communicate clearly we make leaps and bounds and all the space in between is like the blissfull sunrise on a jamaican beach. not because of you, but with you my personal growth is immense. the mirror is there for my love to be reflected. i think it is becoming all to clear to me that my ascension is only possible when everyone else can also make it. the more minds we free, the freeer we shall be. after all we are collective consciousness. you and i are just a seed. one light on the grid. but as we ignite other lights around us do too!

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