Monday, November 14, 2011

of all the realities

at the beginning there is hey, id like to get to know you
but before the evening is even close to ending we know which road youve gone down
or youve gone down on him funny how he knows how to tell you what to do
slide your hand in to the pocket of lovers and lies
see if you can pull anything out worth keeping around or even flipping for odds
heads this will last forever, tails youre taking one more for the team
the true joy of this all is that will last forever and you are taking one for the team
you make the decisions in this choose your own adventure
pg. 51 you find yourself under a bridge by some train tracks making track marks along the path of your veins until theres no life in you left to live
pg. 21 youre looking at yourself in the mirror in your five bedroom house filled full of emptiness, a heart that strains to live outside the white picket fence, and a cabinet full of pills not recommended to mix with liquor

where is the in between?
i am meditating under a tree and on either side of me are these lives i might have lived, they intertwine themselvse into the branches of this tree. there are several paths around me but only one trunk of the tree

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