Thursday, October 6, 2011

im not here any more

can't you see me cry
this is the only way i can intentionalize what i feel
i am the apothacary's wet dream, knumb, pleading for cessation
i prayed for life, and i then prayed for death
and prayed for life again, years beyond this
i prayed for new consciousness
in the spiral, vortex, depth of the cave
you presented to me plato's dream of consciousness
i saw the images on the wall

I am losing my grasp on reality
so all these consiousness studies leave me helpless
I dream constantly of letting go
the inbetween in which you see me.
My life admist sentence. You dreamt me unconsiously.
I am floating in a cloud of destiny
And thats when you look at me.

I cannot reminisce memories with you
they are all pain, free from bliss
ascued by your new perception of me.
It seems I may have never known love.

The apothacary's pillow is a gentel terrain
to lay my conscious brain
my brain of mush, the perfect subterranean
terrain to plant a seed of conceptive knowledge
my unconscious the plot in which the seed grows.
Under a tree I laid my head and an
unconscious dream sprouted the inbetween
of lack of reality, the split dream of you
interracting with me.

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