Wednesday, May 11, 2011

do i own my body?

i could contain in my brain
my ownership over my own body
but i do not even own my brain
at this point in my life
muscle memory is a more consistent truth
at this point in my life
if i owned my own body would i still feel alone,
cold pain, that will not cease
i am alone staring at the ghost in the wall
drifting in between a memory and history
listening to the strain in my heart beat
i do not have a way of being free, with out constraint
i dont have much outside myself that makes me complete
ten minutes on a wall, is like ten minutes with out heroin
thank god i've already gone through with drawl
give me freedom
or give me death...
but right now, alone, i'd rather die.
i can't pretend enough
but right now, i'd rather be alone
than to know the emptiness in my heart with out you.

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