Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's weird how a girl can get so excited over make-up, lip stick alone. But I can, as long as it comes in bright and bold colours most girls could only dream of being bold enough themselves to wear it. In fact when I opened the magic parcel all the stress from the past week lifted and I was filled with an excitement for the future. Where, oh where are all of the places I will get to perse my opaque orange lips? All the pictures to be graced with such a high light? Due to the super importance of this lip colour, it was sold out and I couldn't buy from Lime Crime directly and had to settle to order second hand from a small lightly trafficked web shop. As soon as I can collect enough Christmas cash I am certain to upgrade my make-up collection even further with more of Lime Crime's spectacular lip colours andeyeshadows! These colours are to die for! and UNICORNS! <3
here is the beginning of the magick to come

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